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Current Exhibition


Gallery Opening of the Off-White™ Concept.

"I have this memory from when I was a kid of lying in the forest, when you wear a sweater and the leaves stick on you." With the EM PTY GALLERY in the New York City, Virgil Abloh once again demonstrates his skill to take a personal memory in the spirit of youthfulness as an inspiration and construct a physical dwelling that emulates inherent emotion, the instant one steps through the building’s facade. His art is often recognized as the pinnacle of the craft of the engineering emotions, through architecting an experience where two different worlds coexist within a structure. The new gallery space in New York once again show cases that Virgil Abloh has never been one to let given structures limit his creativity, on the contrary, “Paths of displaced Nature” invites every visitor to be engulfed in a world that expands past its physical constraints. With the art of merging two juxtaposing opposites, the creative director intertwines the two entities of a living and breathing forest with a constructed, man-made building, into one harmonic space. The result is the conceptual and enticing EM PTY GALLERY, industrial by nature, it beckons one to experience a piece of nature in the concrete streets of the city. Accompanied by natural sounds of birds chirping, leaves falling and a winding path along industrial clothing racks embedded in birch trees, “Paths of displaced nature” generates a surreal moment in everyday life and exemplifies and evokes the experience of retrieving blissful childhood feelings as well as submerging one’s mind into Nature. This unique exhibition encourages visitors to take a break from the daily routine and focus on the essential aspects of existence.